Monovlogs: Monologues!!

cover photo monologues Hey friends!! Here is my first official post on the wave. Okay, if you count the intro (which I do not) this would be my second official post. That’s besides the point. Alright, lets talk about this video. Basically, what I have created is a kind of a mashup of monologues from popular movies/playwrights that you may have heard of: THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, MEAN GIRLS, Shakespeare’s RICHARD III, VMA CONFRONTATION by the idolized, intelligent Kanye West

Disclaimer: I am only a theatre student who wanted to experiment with my own acting as well as drawing your attention with this video.

So here it is:

I made sure to pick monologues that were well known to the public so you guys could relate a little better to the art of theatre. As a teacher of mine once said, “No one wants to see six hours of monologues.” Most times, I have a hard time watching people act out a scenario that I, as an audience member, have no clue as to what is going on. My main objective in creating this little project was to bring your attention to how these scenes were acted out originally compared to how I performed them.   With this project, I really enjoyed memorizing these pieces and putting my own little spin into them. I found it difficult to make the pieces personal with the knowledge that someone else had done it with another specific style, so I tried not to copy the original piece. In the most one from a movie because it gives a director the opportunity to compare you to the original version. Odds are that a beginner in the theatre cannot necessarily compete well with a trained, successful actor that has been working professionally in the field for years and years. From being told this, I was careful to choose my monologues, making sure not to pick well known pieces. This made the process of learning these monologues extremely intimidating.   It also caused me to grow a sudden sense of appreciation towards the actors that portrayed these roles. Without any kind of influence or model to bounce off of, they were able to create a performance that caught the attention of millions. Tell me that you didn’t cry during Hazel Grace’s eulogy to Augustus Waters. That was a captivating performance done by Shailene Woodley, and people do not realize really how difficult that is to pull off.   When recording these monologues, I found it painfully difficult to stay in character while looking into a device. The whole situation just didn’t feel genuine. Contrary to popular belief, it is difficult to imagine a two-inch circular camera lense as your dying lover. This has been a successful experiment, and I hope that you’ll continue to join me on this rough journey in exploring the acting stuff.

Thanks to mia amica Madelynne Hewett for recording and editing this video.  Bye guys!

Words by Jaimie L. Video by Mady Hewett

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