Imagine Cloud: The Snowy Days of Reflection


It’s the end of the year –– A time of joy, Christmas cheer, and questioning why you ate so much. Also it is a time for a lot of people to self reflect over what happened this year. For me I like to look at what I managed to accomplish over the course of 2014, and how much I managed to improve from its beginning. During the end of the year on deviantArt, people like to post art summaries that show the progress they made each month, and I find it really cool to see because you can see the improvements that they made. Although, I never attempted one before, this year, I decided to do it this time just for fun. I was actually quite surprised when I was done. I didn’t realize how much I changed from January to now –– especially the way my style of drawing evolved. I can also like think back to the time in May that I started to play around with ink, and then when school began –– with markers. It was really insightful to do this, and if you want to try to make your own, there are tons of blank art summary templates on deviantArt!

Words and Artwork by Darren Huang.

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