Long Story Short: The Last Man


For my last book review I will be reviewing the comic book Y: The Last Man. This is not my first comic or my first experience with the amazing Brian K. Vaughan. My friend Anthony (I call him Vigna) was nice enough to let me borrow comics from him. It started with The Runaways another work by Brian K. Vaughan. I later heard of Y: The Last Man towards the end of November and had to read it for myself. The series is only 10 volumes so it’s an easy read. I’ve just been a little slow especially because this exact week is finals week (cries).

Woah that’s us


The story is self explained through the title. Imagine a world where all the male specimen were wiped out. Except for 1, Yorick Brown is the last man on earth. Within the books you go through him with a main goal of trying to find his girlfriend (who’s across the globe) he runs into women willing to help, women who want him dead, and women who want to find the cause for the annihilation of all men (and why he out of all the men in the world was able to survive this whatever it was that wiped all the men out). I think this is a really cool story, it really posed a big “What if?” question. A story about what if half the world’s population just died (yes, animals too)?


The art is detailed (images of the dead bodies in beginning of the story, wow.) and it’s a very easy read. It’s definitely worth a shot.

Words and Images by Nathalie Brunelle

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