Kindie: Miracles In December

‘Miracles in December’ is a Christmas song by the band Exo. Unlike the usual cheerful Christmas songs, this is a ballad about regretting the past and growing from it. The three vocalists from Exo work really well together, creating beautiful harmonies. The song is also very captivating, as it builds throughout its duration and gets better as it goes on.

Want to know more about Exo? Check out their website here

Miracles in December is a Korean christmas song by Exo, a Korean band.

This is a relatively hard song to cover because I didn’t have lots of time for recording. I also didn’t realize how hard it would be until I started editing the song, but I tried my best with it, so the result is somewhat satisfying!

Also, check out the original song here!

Cover & words by Jane Zhang.

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