Monovlogs: “The Heathers” Movie Review

heathers 1

One of my favorite movies out there is The Heathers. If you’re looking for a dark comedy that will make you question the concept of social status, then I would recommend this film for you. The movie can be described as the Mean Girls of the 80’s with a bit more of a twisted vibe to it. It starts off pretty cliche: the cute, misunderstood girl is taken under the wings of the most popular girls in school. Wiwona Ryder –– also known as my role model in life –– plays this role. The way she portrays Veronica is dark, genuine, and relatable to most teenage girls. She isn’t exactly content with her social group, as The Heathers are a lot of manipulative, scheming socialites. Soon enough, she develops a love interest in a cute new boy in town who sees the social chaos of the school in the same perspective of her. The two quickly become a pair.

heathers winona ryder

As I was watching the movie, all I could think of was its simplicity, as the plot was all too common. As the story developed, the content of the film starts to become less and less light-hearted. There are shock scenes coming from left to right.

My first expectation from watching this movie was to enjoy a little comedy with a simple plot line and maybe a bit of romance. This was not the case. When the first Heather dies, all previous thoughts on the movie just disappeared. I remember pausing the movie, and reading the plot synopsis on IMDB because I just could not believe that she died. The death wasn’t necessarily taken seriously either. The whole film is basically laughing at these horrible things that happen to everyone in this school. HOWEVER, beyond the gut- grinding humor, there is a vague but powerful message being expressed in this film. It tests the dependency on social structure and idolized figures in a bold way.

the heathers 4

When the first leader of the Heathers dies, the whole school grieves. Even though she was an awful human being, people still mourn for the death of a bright, young girl. All past bad deeds that she had committed are ignored in the case of her passing. As ridiculously as the film portrays the scene, this would be likely to happen in any case of death. What kind of person would talk bad about the deceased? This movie has a similar feel to a current movie out in theaters now, Dear White People. There are parts that just make you uncomfortable, but there is so much truth behind the film.

 Behind all of the ridiculous scenes, these films will make you think and feel. They will make you question the topics that they have tackled so strategically. I would recommend this movie to you all. Please check out this movie, because you will not regret it!

Thanks for reading this little film review of mine. See you guys soon!

Images by Google, words by Jaimie Leung.

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