Winners Loser and Survivors: A Crime Blog [Superfly Soundtrack Review]

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The Superfly soundtrack, by Curtis Mayfield, is much better than the film. It also keeps the film from being good. When a song works with a scene, it works magnificently. On these rare occasions, Superfly does very well. The rest of the film uses the music as a crutch to fill time.

#1. Little Child Running Wild: Expect to hear this song a lot in Superfly (the film). It plays whenever someone is walking or driving somewhere. The characters look cool while walking or driving, but it serves no purpose to the film. This song is wonderful, and Curtis Mayfield certainly had an agenda with this album: he tells a dark tale of young black men with no opportunity for a life beyond dealing drugs on the streets. He tells this tale much better with his music than the film ever could.

#2. Pusherman: Curtis Mayfield appears in the film playing this song at a club. The scene plays out like a scene from a concert video except with really bad dubbing. The film spends the majority of this scene, playing the majority of this song. All it does is kill some time in the film. The song itself is very energetic and sly in how it places the “pusherman” in so many different social setups. The song is used to great effect during a still photo montage later on in the film.

#3. Freddie’s Dead: This and “Little Child Running Wild” are the two songs that play every time a character is driving or walking somewhere. These two songs play for the majority of the movie. The only time “Freddie’s Dead” doesn’t play is during Freddie’s death scene. This is my favorite song from Superfly; it is an insanely cool song with a great funky bass beat. I will never get tired of this song.

#4. Junkie Chase: This is a very good chase song and is used for the chase and fight sequences. It really shines during the kick-ass slow-mo fight scene at the end of the film. It serves its purpose well and does not overstay its welcome.

#5. Give Me Your Love: This song first plays during a great bath shag scene between priest and some chick. The sex scene is great, and the music works perfectly. It moves with the rhythm of the bodies. The next time it plays is over the image of two kids playing in the snow. That was a terrible idea, and terrible use of such a classy sexy song.

#6- Eddie You Should Know Better: The best part of this song is the opening beat. It’s also the part of the song that is used most often in the film. The song itself is fine. It’s the ‘scolding Eddie for doing something foolish’ song and is used to that effect.

#7. No Thing On Me: I can’t remember when this song plays during the film, but it’s a fine song. It’s very upbeat in its lyrics and melody even though it is describing dealing cocaine, but it’s told from the perspective of someone on coke, so it makes sense.

#8. Think: A very peaceful song that relies heavily on the guitar. Its very calming and helps keep certain scenes more calm.

#9. Superfly: This song plays almost as often as “Little Child” and Freddie’s Dead.” It’s not as good as those two songs but it’s a fine song. It works to close out the film and summarize the plot.

The soundtrack is great but it is overused in the film. So many scenes rely on letting the music play out, instead of letting the music complement the actions. When it works, it really works, but overall, it’s better to think of the soundtrack on its own. The album will tell you a better story than the film.

Favorite Track: “Freddie’s Dead”

Written By Tyler Ducheneaux

Images From Superfly(The Album)

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