Pickup Real: What I Will Do

This is my blog about movies I enjoy. I’ll review them and analyze them. Expect as much. I’d like to pick apart movies and reveal the social climate in which they were made, as well as how they were made. I love films. I love watching them and studying them as well as writing about them. I love movies because they can get you into a new headspace, a new mindset. They can wrap you up in atmosphere. They can magnetize you, make you bite your fingernails down to the quick, make you rip your hair out of your scalp, as well as calm you, transport you to another place. A well-made film is an absolutely fantastic experience. I’d like to share that experience with you, whomever “you” may be. That’s what I will do.

Words by Luca Foggini. Photo by The Hufffington Post.

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