Where You Left Your Heart: The View From Here: Introductions


Hey y’all it’s Clare Kanaley, back at it again! In the spirit of the new year, I’ll be starting a new sub-column of Where You Left Your Heart, which I have dubbed The View From Here. This sub-column is a little mix of interview and exploration, a bit of a wild goose chase around San Francisco. So get ready – it’s going to be a wild ride!

Over the bitter weeks of winter I spent away from the Wave, I was restless with ideas for my work this cycle. I couldn’t decide whether or not to continue my endeavors around the neighborhoods of the city, or if I wanted to completely reinvent my column. Finally, in a surge of inspiration and caffeine, I saw the light.

I will be continuing to explore my lovely city of San Francisco, with a little added twist. For each article, I’ll be asking a prompt to a random San Franciscan having to do with places in the city. For example, I’d ask someone where their favorite sandwich place in San Francisco is, then go to the sandwich shop they tell me about and describe my experience there. This way, I hope to incorporate the views of people from the city into my work and have an adventure while discovering hidden treasures of the city.

Stay tuned for my first adventure, and many more crazy ones to follow!

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