Oh Snap!: La Playa (The Beach)


Hello Everyone! My name is Justine Shek and I would like to welcome you to my column, Oh Snap! Throughout the spring, I’ll be taking various pictures around San Francisco, depicting its natural beauty through various themes: street art, reflective shots, and long exposure light photos. Even though I’m still new to photography, I hope to gain more experience and improve my skills, while showing others the beautiful lives of San Franciscans.



Take advantage of a nice day in San Francisco! There is no better way to spend a warm, bright, sunny day than at Ocean Beach.


At the beach you can find many people doing different activities. Some people like to go surfing when the water is clear, the waves are high, and the sun is out. Up on the sand, you can find groups of people tanning, eating snacks, reading books or magazines, and just relaxing.



A popular time to go to the beach is at sunset. It may get quite chilly, but the view is definitely worth it. Even though the sun sets fast, your time watching it will be mesmerizing and keep you in awe.



If you’re into the views of the beach, but don’t necessarily like the sandy wind, you might like to visit Beach Chalet, the restaurant along The Great Highway, right across from the water. Inside this historic building you can catch a glimpse of San Francisco during the Great Depression through murals painted on the walls of the downstairs building.




Having dinner in the upstairs restaurant offers spectacular views, along with traditional American cuisine.



There are so many things to do at Ocean Beach! Enjoy every second and every chance you have with friends, family, acquaintances, or whoever it may be that you’re with.


Images and words by Justine Shek

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