The Wei 2 Play : Introgamery

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Hey, my name’s Amanda! Welcome to my column The Wei 2 Play! I will be uploading videos of my friends and I playing Starbound and Killing Floor. I will also play a random game once in a while, to keep it interesting. Feel free to hit me up with some game suggestions! I plan to talk about things related to the game I will be playing at the time and give tips about how to avoid making the mistakes we are probably going to make.

A little bit about me: I love to have fun, and games are the best way to make that happen. I got into games when I was very young. My cousin influenced me to shoot zombies and mess around in The Sims. The first game I ever played was Blue’s Clues: Blue’s ABC Time Adventures and it was a really rad game when I was three. I hope you stick around and have as much of a blast as we do. Until next time!

Words and photoshopped photos by Amanda Wei.

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