Visionary Radio Show: Installation

16837403412_e5b8982136_oHello everyone! My name is Riley Kubota and I will be your designated disc jockey for this exciting new column! I used to run a column called “The Sole Account” about many of my sneakers, however, I have decided to start a music column, while still integrating my interest in fashion. My mixes are vastly inspired by my mood, outfit, and even the weather or time of day. The cover photos of each of my mixes will be an outfit either inspired by the mix, or vice versa.

I started “The Sole Account” approximately one year ago, and since then I have changed immensely, although I’m unsure if for better or for worse. Anyhow, I have decided to update my random facts about me. For your convenience, I have included last years facts as well, so you can compare my transformation as a teenager if you wish.

Last years random facts:

1. I am a Junior attending Lowell High School in San Francisco.

2. Photography is my passion. I rarely go out without my camera, unless I’m going to school, when I tend to get quite lazy.

3. I will be starting my own clothing line very soon!

4. When others rock the “socks with sandals” look, it doesn’t really bothered me. However, “denim on denim” is a pet peeve of mine.

5. Music drives me to go out and live life.

This years random facts:

1. I am now a Senior attending Lowell High School in San Francisco.

2. Photography is still my passion. I occasionally leave the house without my camera, since carrying it has become a great burden for my lazy self recently. Also, I have updated cameras from a Canon T3i (which I still highly recommend to beginner photographers) to a Canon 70D (I highly recommend this to more advanced photographers)!

3. I have started my own clothing line! Check it out here!

4. “Socks with sandals” still does not bother me. My new fashion pet peeve is when people wear cargo shorts.

5. Music doesn’t drives me to go out and live life. Music IS life. Especially since I have taken great interest in mixing and producing recently.

Words and Images by Riley Kubota

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