The View From Here: Inspiration Point

DSCN2845This week’s question: Where is your favorite place in the city? Why?

 “The overlook on Arguello, just over the Presidio. The view is the best, because when you’re there, everything is covered by trees except the bay. When you stand there, it’s like the city doesn’t exist. All you have to do is stand there and watch the water and the bridge and the ships passing through.”

– Wilson, San Francisco resident

For my first installment to this sub-column, I chose to step out of my comfort zone and interview complete strangers. Of course, I was initially on the nervous side and had to give myself a mental pep-talk and bring along a friend to help me with the interview process. It proved much easier than expected, and inspired me to continue with future articles and projects.



After meeting Wilson and getting his opinion on the best place in the city, my friend and I made our way to the place he described. The overlook is appropriately named Inspiration Point, a small outlet off of Arguello Boulevard that almost looks like a rest stop or parking lot. However, once hit with the view, it’s very easy to see why any San Franciscan would hold it close to their heart. The tall trees of the Presidio blanket almost all of the surrounding land, just as Wilson had said, truly making you feel disconnected from the city. The view of the bay peeking out from behind the far-reaching park, with the sight of toy-sized boats floating in and out of the Golden Gate, is a calming and awe-inspiring in a surprisingly subtle way. A view like the one from Inspiration Point makes you feel a deep appreciation for both the natural and man-made beauties of San Francisco.


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