Achancetodance: Crazy In Love by Beyoncé (Write Up)

Ayo! Did you guys miss me? (´ ▽`).。o♡ Yeah? No? Okay. Well,

Welcome back to ACHANCETODANCE!

Things are going to be a tad different this semester. I am now attempting to edit and film my own videos, with the help of Mady Hewett! Please join me in praying that these videos turn out crisp and clean, not distorted and random! For the past month, I’ve been busy losing my sense of sanity with theatre rehearsals and auditions. I haven’t had the chance to attend as many dance classes as before. Since dance was basically the only exercise I did, I feel all mushy and squishy now.

Don’t despair, though. I’ve continued to take hip-hop classes, as well as some ballet classes. Ballet is extremely difficult, even in the beginning stages. I’ve taken more than ten ballet classes and still can’t do my combinations correctly, but I’m not giving up. For now, I think that my posts are going to stay focused in the hip-hop realm, so you don’t have to watch me fall on my face.

In this video, I am doing a Beyoncé combination by Dexandro Montalvo along to the song “Crazy in Love” by Beyoncé. If you are not familiar with D’s hip-hop class, it is an Advanced-Beginner hip-hop class that consists of an intense core workout, technique alignment, stretching, and advanced choreography to popular current music. Because this is an Advanced-Beginner hip-hop class, the movements are pretty demanding, but thankfully, they are reviewed multiple times.

The process of finding a good spot to film was not easy, so Mady and I decided to attempt filming at the beach again. Instead of filming me dance on the sand, we filmed on the side of the beach that had concrete. First, we tried filming facing towards the back wall in fear of too much exposure, but since there were too many dents on the floor, we tried filming the video facing the sun and the ocean. Although facing the sun and ocean still had dents on the cement, it was minimal enough to be able to carefully dance through it without tripping. The video turned out great! One of the video had birds flying in the background, and right at the end of the piece, a bike rode by. I do not think I am going to post the video with the birds and bicycle since a man started talking to Mady when she was filming me so specific parts of my movements were cut out.

This Beyoncé combination is slick and dashing. Performing these particular movements can sometimes feel uncomfortable, but I am glad I was able to come through. Doing dance steps out of my comfort zone allows me to realize that I am capable in doing steps I never thought I was able to do before.

Check out the Beyoncé combination in my next post!

Text by Karen Lee

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