The View From Here: Bubble Tea and Dessert Café


This week’s question: What’s the best place to get boba in the city? What’s your favorite drink to get there?

“Only because it’s close, Bubble Cafe, the one on 32nd. You should definitely go, it’s tasty!”

“My favorite drink is the green milk tea.”

“I can’t say that I have a favorite drink, it keeps changing!”

– Adrile & Jolene

When I set out to interview people with this question, I was trying my best to avoid the common answer of most San Franciscans—Quickly or T-Pumps. While both are undeniably delicious, these cafes are already very well-known and wouldn’t result in a mini-expedition. Lucky for me, Adrile and Jolene were the first people I interviewed and answered with a boba place I had never heard of before.IMG_3182

I went with fellow waver Gio Soto to check out Bubble Cafe, and found it tucked away just off of Noriega. The cafe had a funky vibe to it, with pop-out colors covering the walls and cool, spherical white lamps dangling from the ceiling. Looking over their extensive menu, Gio and I went for what we thought was the most unique item on it: the Peach Melon Green Tea with boba.IMG_3177 IMG_3179

The serving size of the drink was huge, and we were definitely glad that we shared. The tea was a satisfyingly sweet blend of flavors, and was the perfect remedy for us on the hot day that we went. After enjoying our drink, Gio and I decided to rate the experience (cafe and drink combined) on a scale of 1-10. Gio gave it a 6, and I gave it a 7, on account of the drinks originality, but we both agreed that there could have been an extra punch to it. We would both  definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get a quick and cheap drink to share with a friend.


P.S.: Check out Gio’s blog, Soul Searchin’, for some great blues and soul covers!

Photos and Words by Clare Kanaley

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