Oh Snap!: A Grand View

IMG_5241Towering at six hundred and sixty-six feet above sea level, many local residents call this place Turtle Hill. However it is officially known to the public as Grand View Park and is located in the Sunset district of San Francisco. It contains a 360-degree view of San Francisco and could be found between 14th and 15th avenue on Moraga Street.

IMG_5261_edit Leading up to the park, a mosaic tiled stairway welcomes you at the intersection of Moraga and 16th Avenue.


On January 2003, The Golden Gate Heights Neighborhood Association and The San Francisco Parks Trust funded the start of a mosaic tiled stairwell project. The project was a neighborhood effort to cover all one hundred and sixty-three steps with hand-made artwork. Over 300 neighbors participated in the creation of these mosaic panels.

IMG_5044 IMG_5026

On Saturday, August 17, 2005 the inaugural celebration of the completed stairwell brought people like the Mayor of Caltagirone from Italy to watch the opening.

IMG_5014 IMG_5042 IMG_5051 IMG_5063_edit

As you climb the stairs, don’t forget to turn around, for the view behind you will leave you breathless.


After reaching the top of the stairs, heading south will lead you directly to Turtle Hill. Only an acre large, Grand View Park has a lot to offer with its views.

IMG_5075 IMG_5118

Going up the hill, several dusty paths will take you to the summit. As long as the weather is somewhat nice, the hike is relaxing and well worth the climb.

IMG_5122 IMG_5172 IMG_5187 2_edit

At the the peak, you may see more fog than San Francisco skyline. But on a clear day, the hill can offer views of San Francisco’s downtown, Golden Gate Park, Sutro Heights, the Pacific Ocean, and the Marin headlands.

IMG_5140 IMG_5231.edit IMG_5237 IMG_5192_edit

Words and Images by Justine Shek

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