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This post is going to be different from my regular posts. Instead of a video of my progression in dance, I would like to discuss a popular subject amongst all ‘Dance Moms’ fans. Although I am not completely caught up, I have been watching the latest episodes of ‘Dance Moms.’ For those who do not know, ‘Dance Moms’ is a reality television series that follows the children’s step to recognition, along with their mother’s, and their instructor Abby Lee Miller .

Many people argue that the Lifetime hit television show is not real. A television series without drama is not a show people would watch, so in my opinion, all the film and arguments are real, but the editing makes the mothers, Abby, and the children look bad. I don’t think that these children want to cause any harm or drama to anyone, and I believe that the mothers want what is best for their children.

Although Abby Lee Miller’s [ ] critiques can be harsh and demanding, I think that the her points are reasonable and unscripted because she wants the kids to succeed. Even if many people view the pyramid or Abby’s teachings as wrong, she has her own way of teaching, and it has seemed to help certain kids at the studio.

As for the kids who do not work well with Abby’s way of teaching, they have to deal with it and stay on the show because of the six season contract. Many people think that Maddie deserves the solos while many others think that Chloe deserves the solos. In reality, nobody should assume anything based on the episodes premiered because the film is edited to make certain people look bad and gives off false or incomplete information.

As for Mackenzie, Kendall, and Nia; we still have no idea if they deserve what they receive, but we may never know. We will never know the truth behind all the competitions and reasons why the kids are treated the way they are. As for the competitions, I think they are real but this link “ ” gives accurate reasons that suggest otherwise. I will leave that for you to decide!


Image and Text by Karen



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