Achancetodance: Farewell

Hello fellow compadres! (^・ω・^ )

Welcome back to achancetodance!

Lately, I have been extremely busy and stressed out with A.P. testing and finals so I have not been able to come to Sunset Media Wave as much as I used to; not to mention, the excessive burden from ankle sprains. Three months has past and my ankle is still not fully healed. Not being able to travel far for a long amount of time makes me feel incapable.

For three months now, I have not been able to attend D’s hip hop classes. Take my word, do not ever attempt to do tricks you see on television without proper training, ignoring the “don’t try this at home” phrase… because the results are ugly. I have been trying to recover my ankle as much and quickly as I can, using ankle bands to strengthen the ankle, and receiving traditional foot remedies from chinatown.

This physical restriction from dancing and exercising made me realize that I really do miss and love dancing. Hopefully, my ankle will fully heal by summer and give me a chance to dance!

Sadly, this is going to be my last post for a while. Summer is here, and “we might find our place in this world someday but at least for now, I gotta go my own way(Highschool Musical 2)” Being a part of Sunset Media Wave has been such a phenomenal experience. I have learned so much about video editing, photoshop, and social media that I did not know before. For instance, did you know that Facebook does not allow embedding videos on wordpress, and that posting copyrighted music along with a video is not allowed? That is madness considering that it is Facebook; the heart of social media. Thankfully, Jon, Michael, and Kevin lended their helping hands and suggested to post on youtube, add sound effects, and even made posting videos on wordpress possible! I would have not been able to post such amazing videos without Mady Hewett and their help.

Thank you Michael, Jon, Kevin, and the members of the wave that made this program possible. I will cherish all the memories that were made during these two bombastic cycles, going to Ocean Beach, exploring the De Young Museum, sharing potatoes, watching outer space, sipping boba, munching pizza, slurping thai food, carving cardboards, and staring at luscious facial hair.

Until next time… See you later, alligators.

































Text and Image by Karen Lee

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