Ganderings Into Fictitious Thrillers (G.I.F.T.): My Salutations

I am not the average reader, who flips through the monotonous motions of reading a novel page by page. I am one who has habituated herself to reading novels, as one would read an arabic book. Regardless of the spoilers clouding my head, I am determined to re-read books (after skimpily skimming through them) while jumping to conclusions, piecing together the protagonists’ future with their past and present actions. I am not crazy.
I am merely an eccentric bibliophile with two and half months of summer vacation and no social life.
 What not better to indulge into than the apocalyptic, and enigmatic storylines of dystopia and fantasy? On an explanatory note, my blog will consist of a series of reviews and summarizations of dystopian novels and fantasy literature. Just so you understand, my series will consist of two parts: background information, and a general review of each book. Beware, for I will astound you with spoilers!
Words by SJ.
Photoshopped banner by SJ
.gif Images by Internet.

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