Postcards from the Bay: Hola, Bonjour, Hello!

Hey there, I’m Andrea and I’ll be giving you a taste of the many different cultures that make up the Bay Area with my column, “Postcards from the Bay.” Here at Sunset Media Wave, I will be delving into and exploring the many diverse communities that make San Francisco and its surrounding areas so vivid and unique. I hope I can share insight on these overlooked communities by presenting original content such as photos, opinion pieces, and neighborhood profiles through the lens of a teen.

I come from a traditional Latino household, where we only speak Spanish and are taught to be polite and respectful. But as I grow older, and gain more freedom to explore both my roots and my interests, I notice that San Francisco is rapidly changing. The community I had learned to love is disappearing and being displaced, which is what inspired me to make this column. To me, the Bay is neither one thing nor the other. It is a hodgepodge of different styles and backgrounds –– many of which are not represented as much as the majority.

This summer, I want to take the opportunity to look deeper into the various cultures that San Francisco is comprised of. I aim to unite and inspire people, while unapologetically tackling issues and promoting awareness. Hopefully you can stick around and see for yourself what I’m about.

Words by Andrea Hernandez

Photo by The Adamant Wanderer

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