Anime At Its Finest: Angel Beats

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve been having a fantastic summer. I’ll be reviewing one of the few anime shows that has ever made me really c̶r̶y̶ sad: Angel Beats! It’s a fantastic 13 episode anime filled with many ups and downs. I’ll do my best not to spoil anything for those who haven’t watched it yet, but I will make no promises! It’s been quite a while since I watched this since this anime came out in 2009, so please bear with me.

Feel free to hit the play button below to listen to this beautiful OST, or original soundtrack, from the anime while reading this post.


When it comes to sad scenes in anime, I don’t usually end up crying, or even crying at all. Angel Beats however, was so moving that I couldn’t hold back those tears! (Or maybe I’m just a sucker when it comes to anime with unexpected endings, amazing scenery, lighting, and lovers with great obstacles.)

Beautiful music and all these strong deep bonds and love hit all the emotional buttons.
Kanade Tachibana and Yuzuru Otonashi are the two protagonists, whose stories are enduringly compelling.
Angel Beats is a bit slow in the beginning, but this anime is definitely worth your time. The first episode starts off as Yuzuru Otonashi waking up to find himself in the middle of a fight between Yuri Nakamura and Tenshi. Otonashi has no memories of his past life and only remembers his name, though he does regain his memories eventually. The world he wakes up in is actually the afterlife for those who have not led a fulfilling life, or died unfairly. He joins Yuri’s organization, the Afterlife Battlefront, that exists to fight against God for all the adversities those in the afterlife had experienced in their past lives.

I find the concept of an afterlife very interesting .Suddenly waking up and discovering that one has died, left to simply wander around, contemplate the world’s existence, and most of all, questioning everything. While watching Angel Beats, I noticed how diverse all the characters were. Many came from different backgrounds and had surprisingly dark pasts. There are characters who manage to lighten up the mood when things go downhill, which can provide a good laugh. As the anime progressed, I started to see where the story was going though, that didn’t prepare me for the last episode. Overall, I enjoyed watching Angel Beats and would give it a very high rating (if I gave ratings). Also, its ‘OVA,’ or original video animation, is hilarious because Yuri introduces a high tension syndrome that the Afterlife Battlefront members must succeed if they don’t want to go without food for a week!

Words by Jeanette Mui,

Images by giphy and a-geeks-keystrokes.

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