G.I.F.T : The First Installment – Unwind


This is a story revolving around a juvenile delinquent, a ward of the state, and a model son.12f06947df1bf40ee4e0ad99579621f3

Connor Lassiter has become too troublesome and unbearable to handle, so his parents sign a triplicate to finalize his unwinding. Soon afterward, he goes AWOL.


It’s ‘survival of the fittest’ for Risa Ward, so when her ‘less than stellar’ performance is disapproved by a jury in the audience, the State Home decides to unwind her due to cutbacks in their budget. Soon afterward, she is loaded onto a bus headed for the nearest harvest camp.

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Levi Jedediah Calder is the tenth child of religiously devout parents who place upon him the obligation of being unwound under spiritual pretenses. For his entire life, he has accepted and revelled in his prodigious destiny as a tithe (in essence, a sacrificial offering to God) to be happily led to his unwinding on his thirteenth birthday.


It is at the epicenter of their separate journeys, yet right at the beginning of a new one, where their lives collide dangerously.

Throughout the novel, Shusterman weaves an authentic tale interlaced with unpredictable conflict, dark controversy, brutal plausibility, and fictitious thrill. Using a repetitive theme that many authors have unsuccessfully tried to incorporate, Shusterman’s story begins with three protagonists and develops to capture the stories of even more characters. This convincing multi-perspective approach creates a nail-biting experience, leaving you frantically second-guessing the morality and role of each and every character. You might even become as impatient as me and start reading the book right to left.

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As the introduction to a New York Times bestselling series, Shusterman has taken great care in providing readers with a storyline so immensely alluring and captivating, the credibility of the novel may have us looking over our backs as we momentarily and completely abide to all our parent’s wishes, before they themselves sign a triplicate for our own unwinding.

Words by SJ

Images by SJ, https://www.pinterest.com/racheltink303/unwind/ , http://unwind.wikia.com/wiki/Harvest_camps , http://efichurch.com/#/tithesofferings , http://www.houstonpress.com/news/budget-cuts-may-end-state-hiv-program-6748625 , https://teenbookclubtpl.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/junes-book-club-book-of-the-month/  and http://greenelibrary.info/kids-summer-reading-program-2013/ 


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