Tap Away: Introduction


Mobile game development is a complicated topic and staring at gigantic blocks of code doesn’t really help. We all know that the technology industry is growing by the day and will probably continue to expand. The demand for developers is high, so it is never too early to learn how to program. In Tap Away, I will show step-by-step the process of making a mobile game, the easy way. You will see what is really going on behind the curtain of game design and more importantly, learn to program.

I’m Monty, a mobile developer moving on to the tenth grade. Using the powerful Android Studio, I will be developing on Android KitKat(version of android). The power of programming allows a developer to build whatever they imagine, and not just on phones or laptop computers. Robots, drones, and even airplanes and helicopters need programming, making this an extremely versatile skill. Using this skill, I will make a tower defense game(a tower defense game is a strategy game where one tries to stop the enemies from reaching a point of a map by building a variety of towers), like BTD5 and Kingdom Rush, ready to be downloaded by the end of the summer.

Words and pictures by Monty Choy

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