G.I.F.T : The Second Installment – Unwholly (with recap on the first installment – Unwind)

UnWhollyI’d like to make this out for those of you who are safe and sound in the comfort of your families and not going AWOL from the cops (you lucky son of a dog)


You remember Connor the delinquent, Risa the ward, and Lev the tithe, right? (If not go to my review on the first installment of the series, Unwind)

These characters are all fugitives, gone AWOL, property of the government the day their parents (or state home) signed the dreadful triplicate allowing them to be unwound.

Before getting into the plot, let us recap on the previous novel.

.  .  .

On the run, Connor and Risa manage to land in a chain of safe houses which are part of the Anti-Divisional Resistance (ADR) working against unwinding. Lev, raised to be proud of his unwinding, initially estranges himself from the duo, but comes to realize his mistake too late and makes his way alone. Along their separate journeys, they face life-changing experiences leaving them with allies, acquaintances, and antagonists. Ultimately, they all come together once again at an AWOL sanctuary, an airplane graveyard under the control of a former admiral devoted to helping out AWOLs until they turn 18(the legal age to be free from unwinding). With his old age however, the admiral faces difficulties regarding his health and eventually has to be taken to a hospital in the main city. There, Connor and Risa uncover a staggering secret: the graveyard believed to be a clandestine hideout for AWOL Unwinds has actually been under surveillance for over a year!

Soon afterward, they get sent off to a harvest camp. Coincidentally, Lev unknowingly finds a way into the same camp, but with different priorities in mind: as a suicide bomber. However, friendship wins over duty when Lev decides to abandon his mission to save Connor from the wreckage of the explosions caused by his cohort terrorists. In the aftermath of the bombings at the harvest camp, Risa is excused from unwinding because of her paralyzed spine, Lev evades unwinding due to the explosives in his body, and Connor Lassiter is dead, but alive under the alias of Elvis Robert Mullard, a guard who worked at the harvest camp.

9741847.  .  .

With the second installment comes a “wholly” (see what I did there? “wholly” and “unwholly”? Get it? I knew you would) different adventure for our three protagonists. Now they aren’t running. They’ve stopped. They’re resting. They’re hiding. They begin to realize that rebellion and resistance don’t come as easily as they are made out be. With the admiral too weak to run the graveyard, it’s up to Officer Mullard to take charge. Along with him is his partner in crime, Risa Ward, now disabled in a wheelchair, working as the chief medic of the hideout. Lev, with his surprising decision to turn into a clapper (a suicide bomber with explosives injected into bloodstream detonated by clapping) and even more astonishing decision to refuse to detonate, finds himself humiliatingly publicized by the media as “the golden boy turned clapper who refused to clap.” For this, he is punished with community service, house arrest, and the mandatory instruction of staying invisible from the world lest he become a public voice against unwinding. Meanwhile, waves of propaganda continue to dominate the media in favor of unwinding. Though they are broadcasted under the names of many different sponsors, their identities can be traced back to one organization.

This organization is ready to impose a new initiative onto the world and humankind: an “undivided”human life form, composed of the “divided”. This new creature is the first composite being, consisting of the finest brain and brawn available from the current organ lockers. An “undivided” human life form, composed of the “divided” (the parts of those unwound). This composition is a synthesis of life, reproduced not by two individuals of either sex, but by a team of surgeons, millions of dollars, and over a hundred unwind parts. Purportedly, this anatomical male will be made up to be greater than humanity.

For all its claims on “divided” life, this organization has come up with a phenomenon much antithetical to its preachings. My opinion is that their creation is doomed to be deemed the worst amongst humanity, but it is up to you to decide its moral and humane worth. For it is a similar concept to a scientifically plausible, modern-day frankenstein, that isn’t necessarily afraid of fire.

j5jg36Expect this and more in the sequel to New York Times bestseller, Unwind, because there’s more to learn, even with all these spoilers clouding your head. 😉

Words by SJ

Images by http://unwind.wikia.com/wiki/UnWholly , http://theamazingworldofgumball.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:154005 , http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20814203-five-miles , http://www.fark.com/comments/5040488/FDA-warning-If-its-on-fire-dont-put-it-in-your-ear

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