Anime At Its Finest: Blast of Tempest


“Everything happens for a reason. The daily tragedies and misfortunes are all meaningful events, leading toward an ideal conclusion. With that in mind, there probably isn’t really any meaningless misfortune.” –Fuwa Aika Click the video below if you’re in the mood to listen to some peaceful music!

Hi everyone! I’ll be reviewing the anime, Zetsuen no Tempest, or Blast of Tempest. The characters in this anime often quote two of Shakespeare’s works, Hamlet and The Tempest. The Tempest ends with a happier ending than Hamlet, which has a more tragic ending. Before I watched this, I signed up to take Shakespeare for English in the fall, because none of the other options seemed very appealing to me. I was regretting my choice because I wasn’t very into Shakespeare’s works. However, after watching this anime, his works have piqued my interest, washing away that regret.


Blast of Tempest consists of 24 episodes and its four main characters are Hakaze Kusaribe, Yoshino Takigawa, Mahiro Fuwa, Aika Fuwa –– all of them based on characters from Hamlet and The Tempest.


Hakaze Kusaribe is the princess of the Kusaribe clan. The clan is full of mages who present offerings such as pipes, cell phones, cars, or anything civilization-made to the Tree of Genesis in return for the ability to use healing and defensive magic. The Tree of Genesis protects and maintains the logic of the world with the Kusaribe clan. However, the Tree of Exodus exists to destroy the Tree of Genesis, but is currently recovering from losing to the Tree of Genesis from the last battle. Samon, a member of the Kusaribe clan, betrays Hakaze because he believes that the Tree of Genesis will lead to mankind’s destruction. He sends Hakaze to a stranded island with no way to use magic (since she won’t be able to find any offerings) and tries to help the Tree of Exodus recover faster.


Mahiro Fuwa has a bad temper and is in love with his step-sister, Aika Fuwa. When Mahiro comes home and sees Aika dead, he vows to avenge her death no matter what the costs. He finds a doll that allows him to communicate with Hakaze, who has an identical doll. Hakaze makes a deal with Mahiro — she’ll help track down Aika’s murderer with talismans, which have magic stored in them, in exchange for help getting off the island.


Aika Fuwa has a terrible personality and even dated Mahiro’s friend, Yoshino, secretly behind his back. She often quotes Shakespeare’s Hamlet and The Tempest, and mentions deep and meaningful phrases.


Yoshino Takigawa has a calm personality and had dated Aika Fuwa. Aika had Yoshino promise to keep the fact that they’re dating a secret, which became harder to keep once Yoshino decided to help Mahiro track down Aika’s murderer.

The first seven episodes were amazing. They were all attention-grabbing and filled with action. However, from this point on, the pace slows down a lot. Around episode nine, it is conversation between Yoshino, Mahiro, and Samon. Mahiro obtained Hakaze’s strongest talisman with the power to completely disrupt the Tree of Exodus’s recovery. Mahiro prepares to use the talisman on the tree until Samon suddenly mentions that he could find Aika’s murderer. Mahiro stops and hears him out. Afterward, Yoshino tries to get Mahiro to activate the talisman. This went on and on for while, and right when it seemed like everyone was going to reach a conclusion, Hakaze discovers that she’s dead. That fact continued this whole ordeal because Mahiro decided to go over to Samon’s side since he figured that Hakaze can’t help him anymore. Yoshino, who was watching from the sidelines, realizes that the situation everyone is currently in is similar to Hamlet and The Tempest. He brings up Aika’s boyfriend because he wanted Mahiro to think things through and give him his full attention if there is something related to Aika. That one name stops Mahiro in his tracks and prolonged this ordeal, which actually almost made me quit watching this anime. One thing that really irked me the most is that no one ever stated the obvious until Megumu Hanemura, the current Mage of Exodus, appeared.

*Spoiler Alert*

When I first heard about the Tree of Exodus, I thought that the tree was truly bad. The Mage of Exodus does not need any offerings, and its magic is destructive. However, the Tree of Genesis needs those offerings to grow stronger and eat up civilization. The Tree of Genesis also sounded nicer, which is why I believed this tree was peaceful, but I was wrong.

Overall, I really enjoyed Blast of Tempest. There were many meaningful quotes and the anime really proved that words have power. This underrated anime is unique in its own way and I’m glad I watched this one!

Words by Jeanette Mui,

Images by HD Wallpapers, Wikia, bleachsoulso, angeljas, weheartit, yumekira

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