Long Story Short: The Night Circus


The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern was another library pick up. After seeing many recommendations for it in my local bookstores, when I saw it while at the library, I knew that it was time. And now that I’ve finished, I desperately need to own a copy for myself.


Long story short, Le Cirque des Rêves only opens to the public at night. Mysteriously and out of no where, there is no notification of it’s arrival. No setup, no train in sight, only word of it’s appearance in the morning when you wake up. This is not an ordinary circus –– forget your basic fun house.  Le Cirque des Rêves welcomes you through a main tent and within the tent, are many, many more that include different performances, acts, games, rides. You will never run out of possibilities. The food  smells and tastes like a dream –– buttery popcorn, hot spicy apple cider, generously coated caramel apples, rich and creamy chocolate mice, you name it. You fall in love with the circus experience. Not a loud rough house, but a tasteful elegant scene, a mysterious vibe complimented with a color scheme of black and white.

The circus however, is only an arena for the competition between two magicians. Celia and Marco. Two young magicians bound through contract at a young age by their guardians. The rules about the competition throughout the story is unclear. A chess game with moves but no actual attacks against each other. A test of skill that has been played many times before with different competitors, known to have lasted 30 or more years. The only clear rule is, only one competitor standing left is the winner. The battles becomes challenging when the two competitors fall in love.

The story is told through different events in time. We begin at the when Celia is introduced as a child to her father, and from there on we are reading 10 years into the future and after that, 5 years before that. That way we are introduced to characters earlier rather than later. And I don’t disagree with that at all. I find it keeps the story interesting. It’s paced well and is an easy read.

I tend to appreciate stories that take place in past eras in time, this one takes place in the late 1800’s – early 1900’s. I find when a story takes place in earlier eras, the description for the surroundings are much more surreal and detailed, it’s fascinating to me because detailed descriptions come across as more personal.

So far I’ve always included quotes for my posts, and while I’m sure there are many within the book, one that stands out and means quite a lot to me is:

“You’re not destined or chosen, I wish I could tell you that you were if that would make it easier, but it’s not true. You’re in the right place at the right time, and you care enough to do what needs to be done. Sometimes that’s enough.”

This quote especially stood out to me because we as humans build ideas of fate and destiny, and think that what happens happened because it was written in the stars (or whatever). It just sucks to think that everything that has happened so far happened because it was suppose to. Does that makes sense? The future is not set in stone. You make your future happen based on your decisions you make in the present, in the now. I like the idea that I’m in control of myself and what happens to me. And I think a lot of people like the sound of that too.

Maybe we’re not the person in mind for a task. We’re not as smart or creative or assertive as the person next to us. But if we care enough, just as much or more and willing to take on the task. That’s enough. You are good enough. I am good enough. You don’t know how much I love the sound of that.

This book I think could be considered my favorite so far. I mean there are so many more books out there, but this one deserves a home on my bookshelf.



P.S. I highly recommend listening to playlists consisting of classical music while enjoying this book. I’ve seen some on 8tracks, where this book had inspired the playlists. It feels so magical, that I got goosebumps –– and so many emotions were running high while reaching the climax of the book. You get a feel for it, and if you ever have trouble reading or concentrating (I am totally guilty), music with a theme related to the book helps a lot!

(book cover taken off of google!)

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