What I Didn’t Say: Take me to a picnic on the moon


That was a pretty long break leading up to this post wouldn’t you say? Anyways, look over here: a new poem! (So shiny!)


I wrote this poem for my friend Daniel. I met him my sophomore year of highschool, and never did I think I’d have someone so wonderful in my life. It’s a very long story me and him, and I’m so glad to definitely have him as one of my closest friends. (I sort of have a system to this, I think we all in a way but for me the closest are five in one hand, and good friends the other hand.) I’m very lucky to have someone I can easily talk to, cry with, joke with…(I think you all get it.) He made high school easier for me to get by, and he encouraged me to be more active in high school. I joined clubs and participated in events, I’m not even kidding when I say he pretty much made the majority of my high school experience.

I’m on my own senior year and there’s a lot things I’m going to miss. For one thing seeing a familiar face in the halls.(But mostly just screaming his name from down the hall.)

I don’t think I could say much more. I know I’m usually pretty simple with my words and poetry but I can’t give away too much, I don’t think I’d ever feel comfortable with giving myself away pieces by pieces to anyone/everyone.

Well, thanks for reading!



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