Fashion Soup for the Sartorial Soul: Saturated Summer #8 (Purple)

SaturatedSummerHeaderPURPPurple was by far, the most challenging color out of the eight. Seriously, for a second I was worried I wasn’t going to have enough photos for completion–– or that I was going to be forced to leave everyone with a measly, six instead of nine (what a ripoff that would’ve been!). I can’t say I have much of a personal inclination towards the color purple (clarifying that I mean the literal hue, not the 1985 film starring Whoopi Goldberg). Okay so maybe in truth, that was a nice way of saying purple is in fact, my least favorite part of the rainbow –– but you can still commend me for making a valiant effort to finish a thorough last post to this series. On the other hand, lavender is one of my favorite underrated scents and flavors, and I do prefer a succulently sweet blackberry over a blueberry any day of the week. So maybe earthed within me, is a secret love for the essence of purple after all? Continue reading

Fashion Soup for the Sartorial Soul: Saturated Summer #7 (Yellow)

SaturatedSummerHeaderYELLOWThis week I’m faced with another color that I have ambivalent feelings towards. Being Asian, yellow has always been an annoying derogatory characteristic present in my existence –– whether I like it or not (thanks, white America!). But aside from the nagging stereotype that this hue brings forth, I’m naturally quite attracted to it. Yellow is vibrant and energizing without being assertive –– yet also calming and joyful, minus any dullness. Although I reiterate my abhorrence to warm-toned colors, yellow marks many items I adore. For example, my favorite flowers just happen to be daffodils and I am known to frequently enjoy a bright, runny yolk in my brunch-time eggs (a reoccurring theme you’ll quickly spot in this post). Continue reading

Fashion Soup For the Sartorial Soul: Saturated Summer #6 (Pink)


I used to have a strong love/hate relationship with the pink (let it be noted that this does not include the singer of the same name). Thanks to an unnecessary and baseless gender norm, most barbies, games, clothes and books that were marketed specifically towards girls managed to incorporate this stereotypically feminine hue in some fashion. When I finally became old enough to know better, I rejected the color –– along with its clichés –– and proudly flaunted my affinity to (literally) cooler, “boy” colors like blue and green (because I was so “quirky” and “different” –– and totally not like the “other” girls). Continue reading

Fashion Soup for the Sartorial Soul: Saturated Summer #5 (Orange)


Orange you glad I didn’t begin “Saturated Summer” with a overdone pun on this week’s color? Okay maybe I spoke too soon, but hey –– my strong suit is writing, not foreshadowing! To be quite honest, I suspected that orange was going to be the most difficult post to complete. But surprisingly, here we were in week five with a fully finished photo set (I even had extras to choose from!). Despite my past abhorrence of warm tones and colors (if you follow my Instagram, you know what I mean), I actually enjoyed collecting these images! This installment made me realize that while I may loathe some aspects of this hue –– I blame my pesky allergy to the citrus fruit of the same name –– orange also defines so many things I love. Take for example my favorite fruit –– peaches –– or salmon, my ultimately favorite protein (everyone ranks their preferred meats, right?). Hell, even my most binged watched TV obsession, Orange Is the New Black, includes this color. So I suppose I have to thank this series for breaking me out of my petty partiality to the cooler tones of life. And while you may never see me turn up the temperature on any of my future pictures on social media, lets just all enjoy this change of pace while it lasts. Continue reading

Fashion Soup for the Sartorial Soul: Saturated Summer #4 (Blue)


Unlike the apropos Marina and the Diamond’s song, Blue –– in which the singer laments, “I don’t wanna feel blue anymore, gimme gimme, anything but blue” –– my summer has so far been positively packed with hues of the sky and sea. Sun is a rare commodity in the city (especially if you life in the Sunset like I do), so every time the opportunity arises, I can’t help but spend every clear, warm day at a park or beach. Void of clouds enveloping the surroundings, San Francisco only becomes brighter and more alive. From high-up hills, to art installations and tourist destinations, being blue in the City by the Bay is nothing short of breathtaking.


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Fashion Soup for the Sartorial Soul: Saturated Summer #2 (Green)


Having spent the last five months in the concrete jungle that is NYC, I came close to forgetting about the photo opportunities that arise when you live in a lush, nature paradise like San Francisco. The first few weeks back were heavily documented on my camera roll every time I stepped outside, where the air refreshingly smelled like fresh eucalyptus and pine instead of garbage and sweat. I once missed the 29 bus because I was preoccupied snapping shots of Lake Merced and in other instance, freaked out a shop owner because I was taking an obsessively excessive amount of pictures of her succulents (typical). By putting some of these visuals into this post, I’d like to think it makes those blunders at least a little worthwhile.

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Fashion Soup for the Sartorial Soul: Saturated Summer #1 (B&W)


I’m back for the summer with a new series y’all! Inspired in part Wes Anderson’s famous cinematic color palettes, “Saturated Summer” is an organized visual diary and colorized love letter dedicated to the various adventures had on my first trip home from college. Though each picture started out as merely a casual iPhone-documented moment from my day-to-day life, these snaps stand out when paired with other photos that share the same hue. Hopefully these simple photo-grids will help preserve what it felt like to be a young adult finding the comforts of familiarity again, and also allow you to experience these few and fruitful months with me in a small, yet meaningful capacity.


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