Sketchy People: Surprise!

sketchy people 2

The other day I was bragging to my mother about this surprise party I had been planning for my best friend (literally for months). Immediately, she then turned to me and said, “A surprise party? I would hate that. Never throw me a surprise party. I hate surprises.” I started to wonder: What do people think of surprises? Do people like them? Hate them? Love them? These questions inspired this week’s theme of “Surprise!” I asked people to draw what they see when they hear the word “surprise,” and the results were rather interesting… Continue reading

Sketchy People: Sketchy Telephone


Every now and then I come across overlooked, intriguing, simple, yet thought-provoking art. This art usually appears on a wooden desk and is made with a graphite No. 2 pencil. This art is usually inspired by boredom in the remaining 58 minutes and 23 seconds before the final bell rings. The art I speak of is The Doodle. My column aims to give The Doodle a little more respect. I want to see more of them and this craving inspired me to create this column for our blog. I am hoping to get people to uncover what’s on their mind by using the almighty Doodle. In each column I will be asking random people (“sketchy people,” if you will) to crank out a quick doodle. Each week will have a different theme.

For my first post, we played a game of “sketchy telephone.” I started with the word “fall.” I asked my first sketchy person to draw whatever came to mind when they heard the word “fall.” I collected their sketch and showed it to the next sketchy person. Each sketchy person’s sole inspiration came from the previous sketchy person’s drawing, without being aware of the initial word, “fall.” I continued this process numerous times and came up with the results you see below! Let me know what you think and feel free to add a comment below. Stay sketchy ya’ll! Continue reading