Where You Left Your Heart: Union Square


When the holiday season rolls around, Union Square is the place to be. Arguably the most festive part of the city, downtown’s epicenter is decked out in lights, wreaths, and Christmas trees from mid-November until after New Years. With pop-up ice rinks, store-front windows filled with puppies and kittens, and tons of yummy food to be found, San Francisco is filled with holiday cheer. Continue reading

Where You Left Your Heart: The Financial District


With office buildings reaching up and above the fog, and traffic like you couldn’t believe, San Francisco’s Financial District seems like an odd place to spend a weekend afternoon. The rush of businessmen and women to work, the incessant honk of taxicab horns, and the intimidating skyscrapers that rise from the ground cast a shadow over the hidden gems that await discovery in this neighborhood. In an area of the city that feels full-speed ahead, stopping to cast a curious eye around yields a surprising surplus of over-looked locales.  Continue reading

Where You Left Your Heart: Golden Gate Park


Botanical gardens, art and science museums, serene ponds, playgrounds, and a small herd of bison– welcome to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. The dozens of seemingly random and unusual attractions that coexist on the park’s 1,000 acres have become a hub of activity for San Franciscans of all ages. Whether you’re looking to let loose on Hippie Hill, expand your mind at the California Academy of Sciences, or stare in awe at the enormous Great Plain Bison; Golden Gate Park has the fix for even the strangest of your personal fascinations.  Continue reading

Where You Left Your Heart

photo 2

Hi there, I’m Clare Kanaley! Welcome to my column, Where You Left Your Heart.  Long before Tony Bennett made the song famous, thousands of people had already left their heart in San Francisco. However, each left theirs in a different part of the city for various reasons. For some, it was at the towering image of the Golden Gate Bridge against a tie-dyed sky at sunset. For others, it was in the tiny Chinese restaurant at 11 pm that was the only place open to satisfy their late-night cravings. Through my photos, descriptions, and experiences, I hope to draw you into the hidden treasures of this city that steals people’s hearts. Continue reading