Fluorescent Adolescent: “In The Lonely Hour” – Sam Smith

From his soft spoken voice to his soulful harmonizing, no words can explain the way Sam Smith has truly entranced the world. He is his generation’s Adele, and is without a doubt the new voice of soul music. His debut album, In The Lonely Hour, was released on May 26th of 2014 in the UK, a month before it graced the US. The overall reception of the album was positive and debuted at #1 on The Official Chart Update in the UK.  Continue reading

fluorescent adolescent: “Green Language” – Rustie


Hi guys! For those who don’t know me my name is Erica Villaran-Love and I am a senior at Abraham Lincoln High School. I used to post poetry on It’s Kind of a _____ Story, but I have decided to to start writing and posting reviews on new albums. Lately I’ve been trying to immerse myself in new sounds. While browsing through Spin magazine’s review section for inspiration, I stumbled upon Trap music. I have to be honest, I’ve never really liked listening to trap. I’ve always found it strange, but then again, the strangest things are usually the best.  Rustie, a trap producer, debuted his sophomore album Green Language on August 25th and from the beginning, I have been very impressed.

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