JukeBugs: Part 2



My new game, Escape, is still in development. The concept has been decided, the project is being coded, and the model has been built. However, more and more dilemmas and obstacles have appeared and I’m encountering more challenges than I thought would.  To continue with my process, I must overcome difficulties related to Java swing and the rendering system. Thus, I’m deciding to do some “exercises” before I start with the actual process. Continue reading

JukeBugs: Introduction & Post #1


Hi, my name is Alex. Welcome to JukeBugs, my column for Sunset Media Wave! Have you ever played Minecraft? This classic sandbox game has been impacting the video game market like a tsunami since it was released.  But have you ever thought of creating a game like Minecraft on your own?  The game is Java-based, meaning that every block, every character, and every dynamic is coded in Java. As long as you know coding, you will be able to make games! Here in JukeBugs, I will expose you to Java and Java-based applications and try to teach you what I have learned. Continue reading