Hot Topics: Goodbye


Hello, readers! Well, hello and goodbye. That’s right, this column is (choking back tears as I write) coming to an end. Although our time has been brief, I can happily say that we’ve had some laughs, we’ve had some tears, and we’ve had some pop culture analysis (emphasis on the last one). Continue reading

Hot Topics: Emojis


Oh, technology. You never fail to create new ways to make basic human actions even easier to express. For instance, instead of typing three simple words to indicate surprise, we all just say “OMG”. I’m not complaining about this new trend in streamlined expression, (although I’m sure many people are, as per my previous article on hipsters), I am actually amused by it. One particular new trend of this type that I cannot get enough of is the use of emojis. For those of you who either don’t own smartphones or are still trying to figure out how to turn on your computers, an emoji is a small picture or ideogram that is mainly used in texting in order to quickly encapsulate a certain emotion or action. Continue reading

Hot Topics: Hipsters

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Hey there! My name is T.J. Kanaley, and this is Hot Topics. Before we get started, let me clarify that this column is not some reincarnation of the once-popular store. Like Hot Topic, however, I am trying to display the latest trends among young adults, but I will not be doing so in the same way. The purpose of Hot Topics is to deliver fascinating and compelling studies of current pop culture trends. I will write about any and all topics from hipsters to emojis through surveys, online trends, and pictures. Now, I realize that fads come and go, so if you’re reading this in 2015, good for you! Learn about your time! But if you’re reading this in 2062, and all the kids are doing is hanging out on their hoverboards, I hope that you get a good wave of 21st century nostalgia from reading this column. So, please enjoy Hot Topics! Continue reading