I Shutter When I See You: Political “Mime”

Political Mime

“I had my acting debut with the San Francisco Mime Troupe. They dressed me up as a cop and I gave the final blow that killed the main character. There were thousands of people in Delores Park and you could hear a pin drop.”

In front of the Glen Park Branch of the San Francisco Public Library

You know those “beach bums?” Those people who live as close as possible to Ocean Beach and spend their every waking, non-working moment in the waves? The best way I can describe this man is as an activism-bum. I say that in the most respectful way. He was so enthusiastic about what he was doing and he clearly knew everything he was talking about forward and backward. As he was working for Greenpeace when I shot him, our conversation was primarily about the fishing crisis but led naturally to his work with the San Francisco Mime Troupe (America’s Theater of Political Comedy). He was truly passionate and had some great stories to tell and information to give.

A self-portrait inspired by this stranger coming soon!

Portrait and words by Miranda Hollingswood

Call of the Wild: TONIGHT!!!

1525047_644537722265430_60933661_n (1)

Can you hear the calls of exotic birds? The beasts that stir in their caves? The pounding of the drums and the ancient songs of the jungle? We knew you would! Tonight is the CALL OF THE WILD, which makes it hard to hear anything else. Escape (the entertainment squad at Lowell High) is throwing a party, which will be DJ’d by The Children of the Funk at the City Nights Club on 715 Harrison. Tip: Better make it there by 6:30, or the doors will be closed to you and your entire tribe, leaving you stranded on the Eternal Island of Loneliness forever. Happy Friday!

Through Lenses: 365 Days, Week #1

365 wk 1Why do a 365?
I find, as a photographer, that my output is either very high or very low. Sporadic, even. I can have a wonderful day where I capture over ten photos I love and then have weeks in between where I find nothing I like enough to edit. By starting a 365 project, and posting a photo each day on the Instagram app, I am able to keep my eyes open. I find many more things that I want to photograph or explore and I constantly look at the world around me like an artist. Every day can be creative, even if I am working from 8am to 10pm.

While that does not mean I am thrilled with what I capture every day, it means I can constantly improve my work. When it comes to taking a professional photo, I will be able to do so with less compositional error and higher success!

Though taking these photos and posting them everyday is all well and good, I find myself wanting to revisit my past posts. That is where this blog comes in! For each seven photos I take, I will choose a favorite one and also one, that, well, I hated, and explain the reasons why I chose them. I work to improve; speaking critically and objectively about the work I am doing is very important to me. Continue reading

Oracle Drive: Into the Unseen of 2014


The Aether year, the horse year, the traveling year. 2014 is welcomed with the unique lunar alignment to Jupiter and Mars as well as the usual Quadrantids meteor shower. The frosty first month will be of great import in the new year, as it is the month that will decide the direction of the whole year. January is Directions and Steering, Crossroads and Deciding. You, dear reader, won’t be caught in January confusion. You have consulted Oracle Drive, and now you will no longer stumble through the dark like some horribly drunk and muddled ghost. You’ll just be a slightly less drunk and muddled ghost.

Let’s not waste any more time. Continue reading

Is This Loud Enough? : Top Ten Concerts of 2013

Hey guys! It’s your girl Yu Ling here! Can you believe 2013 passed by so quickly? As a tribute to one of the best years for concerts, I have compiled my list of my top ten favorite concerts! Check it out!

We’re going to speed through this list like Usain Bolt, like BAM BAM BAM CHICKEN AND HAM THIS IS WHY THIS CONCERT WAS INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE AND TOO LEGIT TO QUIT!!! I’m going to describe the concert in one sentence, give three songs (or more for bigger concerts) I enjoyed, and five words that I associate with it.

Honorable Mentions that just missed the list:

-Marina and the Diamonds


Where I discovered Charli XCX and danced the night away with my friends in an upbeat bubblegum pink atmosphere.

Songs: “Teen Idle”, “Primadonna”, “How to be a Heartbreaker”

Words: Pink, Girly, Bubbly, Exciting, Energetic

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