f-Art with Alana: Last Post

This week, instead of posting about other people’s food and art, I decided to focus on my own. In the spirit of aiming high, I chose to make pot de créme, a French dessert custard, that usually flavors in vanilla and chocolate! I’ve always enjoyed pot de créme, but have never attempted to make it before so I decided to give it a shot. Continue reading

FArt with Alana: Fowler/Viracocha


Fowler is an up-and-coming band composed of three rad dudes who go by the names Forrest, Eli, and Simon. Forrest Nolan, a senior at School of the Arts (SOTA), sings tenor in the vocal department. Eli Recht-Appel, also a senior at SOTA, plays in the guitar department, while Simon Clinton –– a recent SOTA graduate –– focused in the band department as a percussionist.  Continue reading