Fashiondairy: The Mesh Tank


The recent influx of Fashion Week images has encouraged me to start another project for 2014. Mesh clothing is a touchy subject: is it cool and mysterious, or inappropriately revealing? I have friends who have sworn only to indulge in wearing mesh for athletic reasons, but I know others who dare to flaunt their fashion mesh HOLEly unashamed.

If you’ve read my post on Discount Fabrics, you know I love poking around the store and testing out new materials. In their markdown section I was hopping up and down to catch a better view of any rolls of fabrics when I noticed a stash of colored mesh, waiting to be purchased. I opted for the black mesh (not wanting to bite off more than I could chew).

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Fashiondairy: Discount Fabrics, Irving Street


Heading into the Discount Fabrics on Irving Street, I always swerve past the the register and exchange a familiar nod of greeting with the ladies behind the counter. Discount Fabrics is a neighborhood treasure that keeps a steady supply of jersey, chiffon, and cotton prints. I’ve come to enjoy the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere that the establishment provides. It’s my go-to destination for an amazing variety of fabrics, tools, and notions, but knowing I’ll receive honest feedback from the people there is likely the store’s greatest appeal. Continue reading

Fashiondairy: Tree Hugger


Hello hello!

Before you ask, I should let you know that this project has nothing to do with trees. But since you’re here, why don’t you spend a few minutes talking with me? Recently I’ve been having trouble keeping my accessories organized and my chains untangled. Yes, it’s a problem plenty of us face—the jewelry problem—too many necklaces to handle, too little space to carry them all.

So here are some snapshots of what I did to solve this problem. My attempt to make a tree-inspired jewelry stand was definitely an interesting experience, but now I have a stronger idea of the do’s and don’t’s of working with wire. Continue reading

Fashiondairy: The Velvet Prototype


Hello hello! Today’s post is going to be a brief peep into the life of your favorite fabric-crazed teen. I don’t know about you, but this year I’m definitely feeling an onset of SENIORITIS. With the overload of homework, applications, and the inevitable “So have you applied for college yet?” questions pouring in, I decided to take advantage of this three-day weekend by treating myself to some time for dressmaking.
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Fashiondairy: The Watered-Down Athletic Tee

Hi everyone! My name is Jasmine and this is the first post of my column, Fashiondairy. With this column, I will blog about the different angles of the fashion world that many of us forget to notice. Putting a spin on fashion concepts and trends keeps me sane, so here’s a column that will hopefully make your moments of insanity a little more bearable. Happy reading!

Fashion has always borrowed from athletic wear. Mesh tanks, sneaker wedges, and the infamous Nike Free Runs have all bounced onto the runways of the fashion industry. For this post, we’re going to focus on the basic athletic tee, except today we’re going to make it “not-so-basic.” In an effort to take a staple like the sporty tee and transform it into an affordable and unique piece, I turned to my love of crafts and San Francisco’s very own 49ers.

Achieving the timeless double stripe and large graphic number of the athletic tee is no big feat. Here’s what I did… Continue reading