News Hungry: Harvard Student Blames His Misfortunes on an Illusional Experiment


You have to be sure before you destroy what you already know and substitute it with something new.”                                                                                                                                               -Helena Matute

Back in the 1970s, a Harvard student approached his psychology professor and asked for some unusual help. He explained how he heard his wife say what he was thinking before he said it and then she divorced him. He also talked about layoffs with his coworkers and coincidentally he was laid off two days later. These misfortunes led him to believe that he was in some kind of scientific experiment so he asked his professor to test his hypothesis. Continue reading

News Hungry: A Birthday Cake to Celebrate

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Welcome to the unknown world, hidden by a censored society where the media feeds us lies and propaganda. But no worries, I’ll inform you about what goes on behind the scenes of our everyday lives. Hi! My name is Sammi and you could say that I’m a very curious person. I was born in Guangzhou, China, but moved to San Francisco, California when I was 3 years old. Growing up, my parents always used stories that were on the news to teach me about different values and morals in life. Their addiction to watching the news got instilled into me. Continue reading