Daylight: 5 Seconds Of Summer (cover by Elizabeth Shearer ft. Ella Luna)


The week after Ella and I recorded “Daylight” by 5 Seconds Of Summer we saw them in concert. Excitement swirled in my stomach and clogged my mind as it was all I could ever think about. When the whole pavilion went dark there were 0.5 seconds of complete silence, and then the crowd erupted into cheers so loud I thought I would go deaf (which was a horrific thought because I wouldn’t be able to hear the concert). Halfway through they played Wrapped Around Your Finger, which is my favorite, and there’s an amazing guitar solo in it that is so good live that whenever I hear it now I feel like I’m there all over again. There’s a certain feeling when you go to a concert, that the people around you are family, that the people on stage are gods and your soul purpose is to revel in the art they created to keep you alive. It’s such a beautiful feeling and when the concert ends that feeling follows you into the next morning when you wake up and remember the night before. This experience was magical so a huge thanks to Ella for taking me! I hope you enjoy this cover as much as I enjoyed the concert! Continue reading

The Neverending Playlist That Is My Life: Leave Your Lover

I have an unhealthy obsession with Sam Smith and I have decided to do “Leave Your Lover” which is on his debut album “In The Lonely Hour”. All of the songs on the album are about loneliness, this particular song is about liking someone who’s in a relationship with someone else. I chose this song because I like to tell stories with music, even if they aren’t my stories.

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The Neverending Soundtrack That Is My Life: Hospital For Souls

Hello, I’m Elizabeth! I’m a freshman at Washington High School, right here in San Francisco! Music is pretty much my life. My first memory is of music and I’ve grown up around it my whole life. I enjoy Post Hardcore, Pop Punk, Oldies Rock, Death Metal, and some softer stuff like Ed Sheeran, The Fray and Twenty One Pilots. In “The Never Ending Soundtrack That Is My Life”, you will hear covers of songs that are important to me and hardcore-gone-acoustic interpretations with some original songs mixed in.
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