Anime At Its Finest: Psycho Pass

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“The law doesn’t protect people. People protect the law. People have always detested evil and sought out a righteous way of living. Their feelings, the accumulation of those people’s feelings are the law. They’re neither the provisions, nor the system. They’re the fragile and irreplaceable feelings that everyone carries in their hearts.” -Akane Tsunemori Continue reading

Anime At Its Finest: Angel Beats

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve been having a fantastic summer. I’ll be reviewing one of the few anime shows that has ever made me really c̶r̶y̶ sad: Angel Beats! It’s a fantastic 13 episode anime filled with many ups and downs. I’ll do my best not to spoil anything for those who haven’t watched it yet, but I will make no promises! It’s been quite a while since I watched this since this anime came out in 2009, so please bear with me.
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Anime At Its Finest: Introductory Post

Hi everyone! Welcome to my column. I’m Jeanette and I’ll be blogging about anime. I’m passionate about anime and interested in the process of creating one. I animate myself so watching anime, especially the openings, gives me inspiration and ideas. I admire the animators and scriptwriters who put in the effort to produce intriguing and eye-opening videos with amazing art and characters who shine in their own way. In this column, expect to see anime reviews, opinions on certain characters, and visuals of those characters! I might even put together a little amv, or anime music video. 🙂 Continue reading