Touch Screen to Begin: Soul Guardians – Age of Midgard


Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard is a free-to-play side-scrolling fighting game by ZQGame Inc. I usually don’t play these types of games because of the amount of battery life they require, but I decided to step outside my comfort zone and try something different this time around. For the short time I’ve played this game, it’s been pretty fun. You can play with other people on your server, which can make for an interesting and unique experience with friends. If anything, this is a fantastic game for heating your phone up on a cold day. Continue reading

Touch Screen to Begin: Lost Fantasy (로스트판타지)


로스트판타지 for Kakao, or Lost Fantasy, is a Korean puzzle-based RPG. Similar to Puzzles and Dragons, this game adds new twists and turns to make it a completely fresh and fun experience. Even though I couldn’t understand the text at all (it was in Korean), I was still able to understand most of what was going from the tutorial and from prior knowledge playing PAD. If you’re not used to games like PAD, you might not want to dive into this, but if you are and you want something similar with a twist, then this might just be for you! Continue reading

Touch Screen to Begin: Wind-Up Knight


Wind-Up Knight is a runner game made by Robot Invader, however there’s more to it than just jumping and collecting coins. You play as a knight who’s on a journey to save a princess in a castle. In order to accomplish this mission, you must slash birds, block falling barrels, roll under towers, jump across platforms, and collect coins. Wind-Up Knight is free to play, but does contain in-app purchases. Continue reading

Touch Screen to Begin: Wind Runner


A friend and I found Wind Runner about half a year ago. We were trying to find games that were not popular at the time and Wind Runner stood out. It looked really cool, so we both started playing. We got a couple other friends to join in with us, but our interest didn’t last long. Recently, as I browsed my phone for games to play, I saw that Wind Runner was still there. I gave it another shot, and then decided to share my opinion here on The Wave. Continue reading

Touch Screen to Begin: PAD


Hello and welcome to “Touch Screen to Begin”! My name is Chen Yu and I am a senior at Lincoln High School in SF. I often find myself staring at my phone when I am waiting around or in an awkward social situation. This made me think: “Why not make a column about phone games since I spend so much time with them?” Continue reading