The Wave: Apply to be a Part of Sunset Media Wave

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The Wave is happy to announce that we are opening up the summer cycle to motivated teens! Passionate high school students from across S.F. are encouraged to apply.

At Sunset Media Wave, you’ll have access to a variety of resources and equipment to help you realize your visions and generate all kinds of interesting media with a crew of similarly creative high school students. Whether you’re into music, film, photography, or the good ole written word, Sunset Media Wave can provide a collaborative platform to help share your passion with the world.

If you’re interested in helping us take over the World Wide Web, HEAD HERE TO APPLY and get more information about our program.

I Shutter When I See You: Roosevelt

i shutter when i see you

“My name’s Roosevelt, like the President. You’ll remember.”

On West Portal, in the Walgreens parking lot

I get more love and acceptance from the people in “bad” circumstances than the people in “good” circumstances. Now what does that say about the world?

Interpret as you will.

A self-portrait inspired by this stranger, coming soon!

Portrait and words by Miranda Hollingswood

Let’s Code: HTML 100.1

Let's Code Post #4 V2

Welcome back to Let’s Code. Last week, we learned to make a simple coin toss game. We used new commands such as .toUpperCase() and Math.random(). This week, I was going to cover the switch command, but I decided it would be better to start with some basic HTML. HTML is the code that makes up the skeleton of websites. By combining HTML code and JavaScript, we will be able to make some really neat games. But, since HTML is written very differently than JavaScript, we are going to start with the basics.

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