Thrifty Business: Treasure Island Flea Market

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Spring Break. It feels as if it happened ages ago. I fantasized about how I was going to spend the break taking adventurous trips around the city with my closest friends, but in the end, work stopped me in my tracks. Luckily I was able to sneak away from work for a day to visit the Treasure Island Flea Market. This flea market is held on the last weekend of every month, and is well known for its fun festivities and food. Continue reading

Thrifty Business: The Richmond

Originally, I planned on thrifting over the weekend at a store in my neighborhood, but a multitude of work and tests prevented that from happening. Instead, I stopped by the Goodwill on Clement after school with my friend, to make up for my lack of thrifting over the weekend. My previous visits to this Goodwill, were okay, but it wasn’t one of my favorites. This time around, however, I was surprised by how well organized the store has become.  All the dresses and tops were organized by color and the bottoms were organized by size. I got there with my friend just 45 minutes before they were closing and we were both able to find things we loved. Continue reading

Thrifty Business: Getting Started


I remember my first visit to a thrift store. The air was musky with the scents of various fabrics and household items. There were clothes strewn all over the racks, organized only by their color. I was enticed by the unorganized mess that was a thrift store. I explored the racks, piling clothes into my welcoming arms. After that, I kept going back. I loved the hunt. It always took several trips to find something that spoke to me, but I found the search for that one endearing item in the mess of dozens exciting.  Continue reading