Got You Cover’d: “Count On Me” by Bruno Mars

Hi friends!

For my second song, I decided to cover something more familiar, something I knew well. “Count On Me” is one of my (and probably millions of others) favorite Bruno Mars song. I definitely tried to put my own spin on it – hope you guys enjoy! Surprisingly enough we got it down in one take. Given the number of unsuccessful tries for my previous “cover”, I thought we were going to take a while to get it right. But, I have finally redeemed myself. Well, this cover is definitely better than my first.So yes, I have redeemed myself!

Check it out on Soundcloud:

Special thanks to my friend Victoria for accompanying me on the guitar!

Enjoy this picture of me and Victoria at the studio.  I’m so derpy, but whatever. It’s a good photo. Photo credits go to JB (not Justin Bieber but Jon Bernson). Image

Got You Cover’d: Where Do We Begin


Hi friends!

In this post I will be talking about my experience being in a recording studio.

With the support of my mentors at Sunset Media Wave, I was able to create a mashup of two of my favorite songs. The next step was to go to the recording studio to add my vocals. The idea of recording in a professional place was very exciting. It was like advancing to another level. However, I became wrapped up in other activities and when recording day came, I was not ready. My lack of experience in creating mashups and recording in a formal setting didn’t help the problem either. When I had arrived at the studio, I suddenly got really nervous and I didn’t know why. I soon realized that it was the pressure to get the “perfect” sound. To make things worse, while singing at the studio, I realized that the key was a bit out of my range and I had a hard time keeping in time with the music. After all, I had never done a formal cover before. Halfway into my first recording session things got better, adapting was the real challenge.

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