The Real Slim Katie: “This Love” (Maroon 5 Cover)

I can distinctly recall sitting in my living room with my family as the speakers blasted “She Will be Loved,” Adam Levine’s swoon-sational voice drowning out my entire family singing along. Maroon 5 was one of those bands that was present at some point in everyone’s life. Whether their songs played in the coffee shop, on every radio station AT THE SAME TIME, or were sung at your school’s talent show, Maroon 5 was there.

While I admit the fact that I’m not a fan of Maroon 5’s current sound—I feel like singing pop songs, instead of the group’s original, more alternative songs, makes Adam Levine sound less unique and soulful and a bit more like a young boy going through puberty. Still, I will always admire Maroon 5’s ability to adapt to the music industry, and produce catchy, feel-good tunes.

I will not give up hope that they’ll return to the soft-rock, jazzy band that we all once knew and loved. I know that one day Adam Levine’s voice will be restored to its rightful soul and glory. RIP M5, here’s one to reminisce the good old days…

Cover and words by Katie Hwang

Fashiondairy: Discount Fabrics, Irving Street


Heading into the Discount Fabrics on Irving Street, I always swerve past the the register and exchange a familiar nod of greeting with the ladies behind the counter. Discount Fabrics is a neighborhood treasure that keeps a steady supply of jersey, chiffon, and cotton prints. I’ve come to enjoy the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere that the establishment provides. It’s my go-to destination for an amazing variety of fabrics, tools, and notions, but knowing I’ll receive honest feedback from the people there is likely the store’s greatest appeal. Continue reading

I Shutter When I See You: Mute Stare


Split soul

Inspired by an activist in a yellow and red beanie.

A meeting can tell you a lot about a person. My meeting with this man brought me contrast. He jumped swiftly between his business and his personal life; back and forth. His seemingly homemade beanie was the color of the blood and violence his mime troupe cast him in and the happy yellow that I saw in him.

This self-portrait was difficult to complete as I saw so many different things when I thought about the image I had captured and the words he had said to me. So, in order to try to capture that, I found a split shadow and kept the literal aspects I kept seeing: the door behind him and the beanie.

Photography and words by Miranda Hollingswood

SOUND OFF: Should Justin Bieber Be Deported?


We are launching a new series of posts here on The Wave: SOUND OFF. Every so often, we will be enlisting the minds and voicers of our contributors to give us their take on a wide range of cultural issues. The first issue we’ve taken on is a dense one: Should Justin Bieber be deported? Listen below to find out!

The Wave: Turning Songs into Stories

Lab with Kelli2

Last week the mysterious bloggers behind Sunset Media Wave stepped out from behind their columns and dove into a theatrical experiment led by actress Kelli Crump! After introducing herself and her work (which includes an appearance with Robert DeNiro in the movie Being Flynn), she asked everyone to pick their favorite song and then deliver the lyrics as a dramatic monologue! We definitely saw a different side of each other this time around! Right before our eyes, pop song lyrics were transformed into soap opera scenes, news broadcasts, inspirational speeches, confessionals, and NPR episodes. Now take a look at some Wavers on stage… Continue reading