Let’s Code: To Be A Hero: Chapter One

To Be A Hero

Welcome back to Let’s Code. This is both a great and sad post. This post is the reveal of an in-depth text-based adventure game I produced at Sunset Media Wave during this session, but this post is also to be my last for a long time. I hope whoever has been keeping up with my column has learned a lot about basic coding. I wish you luck in possibly making your own great games in the future. Now without further ado, I present to you, “To Be A Hero: Chapter One”.


Let’s Code: HTML 100.1

Let's Code Post #4 V2

Welcome back to Let’s Code. Last week, we learned to make a simple coin toss game. We used new commands such as .toUpperCase() and Math.random(). This week, I was going to cover the switch command, but I decided it would be better to start with some basic HTML. HTML is the code that makes up the skeleton of websites. By combining HTML code and JavaScript, we will be able to make some really neat games. But, since HTML is written very differently than JavaScript, we are going to start with the basics.

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Let’s Code: Variables

Let's Code Header

Hello, and welcome to Let’s Code, where I will be showing you the wonders of coding. Everything online, from websites to games, and even this blog is made up of code. There are many different types of coding languages, just like there are many different kinds of human languages. For this blog, we are going to be focusing on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Linked at the bottom is also a free website where you can experiment with the coding you learn here and possible create your own masterpiece. Without further ado, let’s code!

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