Daylight: 5 Seconds Of Summer (cover by Elizabeth Shearer ft. Ella Luna)


The week after Ella and I recorded “Daylight” by 5 Seconds Of Summer we saw them in concert. Excitement swirled in my stomach and clogged my mind as it was all I could ever think about. When the whole pavilion went dark there were 0.5 seconds of complete silence, and then the crowd erupted into cheers so loud I thought I would go deaf (which was a horrific thought because I wouldn’t be able to hear the concert). Halfway through they played Wrapped Around Your Finger, which is my favorite, and there’s an amazing guitar solo in it that is so good live that whenever I hear it now I feel like I’m there all over again. There’s a certain feeling when you go to a concert, that the people around you are family, that the people on stage are gods and your soul purpose is to revel in the art they created to keep you alive. It’s such a beautiful feeling and when the concert ends that feeling follows you into the next morning when you wake up and remember the night before. This experience was magical so a huge thanks to Ella for taking me! I hope you enjoy this cover as much as I enjoyed the concert! Continue reading

Fashion Soup for the Sartorial Soul: Saturated Summer #8 (Purple)

SaturatedSummerHeaderPURPPurple was by far, the most challenging color out of the eight. Seriously, for a second I was worried I wasn’t going to have enough photos for completion–– or that I was going to be forced to leave everyone with a measly, six instead of nine (what a ripoff that would’ve been!). I can’t say I have much of a personal inclination towards the color purple (clarifying that I mean the literal hue, not the 1985 film starring Whoopi Goldberg). Okay so maybe in truth, that was a nice way of saying purple is in fact, my least favorite part of the rainbow –– but you can still commend me for making a valiant effort to finish a thorough last post to this series. On the other hand, lavender is one of my favorite underrated scents and flavors, and I do prefer a succulently sweet blackberry over a blueberry any day of the week. So maybe earthed within me, is a secret love for the essence of purple after all? Continue reading

Fashion Soup for the Sartorial Soul: Saturated Summer #7 (Yellow)

SaturatedSummerHeaderYELLOWThis week I’m faced with another color that I have ambivalent feelings towards. Being Asian, yellow has always been an annoying derogatory characteristic present in my existence –– whether I like it or not (thanks, white America!). But aside from the nagging stereotype that this hue brings forth, I’m naturally quite attracted to it. Yellow is vibrant and energizing without being assertive –– yet also calming and joyful, minus any dullness. Although I reiterate my abhorrence to warm-toned colors, yellow marks many items I adore. For example, my favorite flowers just happen to be daffodils and I am known to frequently enjoy a bright, runny yolk in my brunch-time eggs (a reoccurring theme you’ll quickly spot in this post). Continue reading

Cover Story: Style

The darkness kept flickering on and off in the clouds, paralleling the outside lights of the Motel 6 we were staying at. The air was getting colder and colder, but the pool’s heating was still running, so neither Isaac nor I moved. I longed for the warmth of my sister and of the motel room, but his hand kept moving under the water, and I felt obligated to let him or I wouldn’t get my stuff tomorrow. I was downing the last of my margarita, even though it made me colder. Continue reading