Fashion Soup For the Sartorial Soul: Saturated Summer #6 (Pink)


I used to have a strong love/hate relationship with the pink (let it be noted that this does not include the singer of the same name). Thanks to an unnecessary and baseless gender norm, most barbies, games, clothes and books that were marketed specifically towards girls managed to incorporate this stereotypically feminine hue in some fashion. When I finally became old enough to know better, I rejected the color –– along with its clichés –– and proudly flaunted my affinity to (literally) cooler, “boy” colors like blue and green (because I was so “quirky” and “different” –– and totally not like the “other” girls).

But as I grew up further and became fortunately less pretentious in my color preferences, I could no longer deny my natural attraction to the typical “girl” color. From bright pink lipsticks, to vibrant peonies and cute pastel pastries, I wanted it all. At some point I even painted my room an obnoxious shade of magenta, with decor to match. I went full on la vie en rose.

Thankfully, the obsession went away when I discovered my obvious calling to a monochrome aesthetic, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a faint pop of color every once in a while to make my life feel hopelessly girly and sickeningly sweet.


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What Was I Thinking?: Billboard #1s of My Youth


What Was I Thinking? is a column which attempts to retrace the musical past of Glenn Jackson, a Bay Area-based writer, critic, and genuine music nerd. As the column is done in conjunction with Sunset Media Wave—a San Francisco-based program for teen bloggers—it seems only fitting that this particular corner of the internet be used as a means to explore my (that is, Glenn Jackson’s) own teenage musical past…for better or worse. With that in mind, the third installment of What Was I Thinking? will take a look at the Billboard’s Year-End Hot 100 charts from 2001 – 2004, specifically taking a long hard look at what were ultimately deemed the #1 hits from each year I spent as a bespectacled high school student. Continue reading

Fashion Soup for the Sartorial Soul: Saturated Summer #5 (Orange)


Orange you glad I didn’t begin “Saturated Summer” with a overdone pun on this week’s color? Okay maybe I spoke too soon, but hey –– my strong suit is writing, not foreshadowing! To be quite honest, I suspected that orange was going to be the most difficult post to complete. But surprisingly, here we were in week five with a fully finished photo set (I even had extras to choose from!). Despite my past abhorrence of warm tones and colors (if you follow my Instagram, you know what I mean), I actually enjoyed collecting these images! This installment made me realize that while I may loathe some aspects of this hue –– I blame my pesky allergy to the citrus fruit of the same name –– orange also defines so many things I love. Take for example my favorite fruit –– peaches –– or salmon, my ultimately favorite protein (everyone ranks their preferred meats, right?). Hell, even my most binged watched TV obsession, Orange Is the New Black, includes this color. So I suppose I have to thank this series for breaking me out of my petty partiality to the cooler tones of life. And while you may never see me turn up the temperature on any of my future pictures on social media, lets just all enjoy this change of pace while it lasts.


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