A heightened reality of Brutalist and Bauhaus architecture, Jaques Tati’s 1966 film Playtime, which he also stars in, is an amazing film. Staid, gray buildings, gridlocked cars, clinical business interiors: everything looking like it’s  straight out of a design magazine. It’s a slap-sticky, carefully choreographed romp through steel and glass Paris, full of bizarre trade-shows, and half-built haute restaurants in which everything goes wrong amidst circus-like modernity. Continue reading

Stories of Resistance: Our Movement Generation

Movement Generation Draft

Hello all! Welcome to my column, Stories of Resistance. I’m Alice, and I’m a young activist and organizer in San Francisco. Since my freshman year of high school, I have immersed myself in the social justice activism realm through a leadership development program called Youth MOJO (Youth Movement of Justice Organizing). I have been to countless numbers of community events, marches, rallies, etc. and participated in campaigns regarding issues like immigration reform, affordability in San Francisco, gender & sexuality, #blacklivesmatter, and many more. Continue reading

Oh Snap!: La Playa (The Beach)


Hello Everyone! My name is Justine Shek and I would like to welcome to my column, Oh Snap! In this column, I’ll be taking various pictures around San Francisco, depicting its natural beauty through various themes: street art, reflective shots, and long exposure light photos. Even though I’m still new to photography, I hope to gain more experience and improve my skills while showing others the beautiful lives of San Franciscans. Continue reading

The Wei 2 Play : Introgamery

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Hey, my name’s Amanda! Welcome to my column The Wei 2 Play! I will be uploading videos of my friends and I playing Starbound and Killing Floor. I will also play a random game once in a while, to keep it interesting. Feel free to hit me up with some game suggestions! I plan to talk about things related to the game I will be playing at the time and give tips about how to avoid making the mistakes we are probably going to make. Continue reading

Pickup Real: What I Will Do

This is my blog about movies I enjoy. I’ll review them and analyze them. Expect as much. I’d like to pick apart movies and reveal the social climate in which they were made, as well as how they were made. I love films. I love watching them and studying them as well as writing about them. I love movies because they can get you into a new headspace, a new mindset. They can wrap you up in atmosphere. They can magnetize you, make you bite your fingernails down to the quick, make you rip your hair out of your scalp, as well as calm you, transport you to another place. A well-made film is an absolutely fantastic experience. I’d like to share that experience with you, whomever “you” may be. That’s what I will do.

Words by Luca Foggini. Photo by The Hufffington Post.

Cover Story: Shades of Cool

They’ve been here before, almost every night for as long as they can remember. All of the clients have cleared out of the dark red, dimly-lit rooms, the final false smiles have faded from the girls’ faces, the bead curtains have fallen still at last and their incessant reverberations have receded. The main room is full of smoke, the old threadbare couches will suffice as mates for the night. None of the girls will want to re-enter the ominous closed rooms leading down the halls from the main room, though they know that once the clients dutifully file in the next morning, they’ll have to reclaim their discarded smiles before luring the willing clients back into the rooms. Continue reading