Oh K-Drama: Heirs Episode 1 Review

The basic format of my column will be similar to the well-known blog, Dramabeans. At the top, there will be a summary of each episode, followed by my personal thoughts and observations. If you are unfamiliar with K-Dramas and some of the terminology, check out my first post, which decodes everything you’ll need to know. The summary of this episode will be longer than others because I’ll be introducing the characters, but aside from that, this is what you can expect from Oh K-Drama.

In the first episode, Heirs introduces us to the main (and some of the supporting) characters, while providing us with some backstory. Continue reading

Oh K-Drama: K-Drama 101 – Terminology


Before we dive in, let’s begin with a formal introduction. Your avid K-drama watcher is here at last—me, Amber Ly! Over the next few weeks, I will be introducing you to the wonderful world of Korean dramas (a.k.a. K-drama)! I will provide commentary on one of the most anticipated dramas of this year (Heirs), instruct first-time watchers on basic K-drama knowledge, review old shows, and more!

Now back to where we began. Let’s just assume that the only insight you have into Korean culture is the viral music video, “Gangnam Style” by Psy. This would make Heirs your first Korean drama. If so, you probably have no clue what you’re getting into. So, we’re going to take a step back before we completely drown ourselves in the show, and go over the essential terminology needed to understand all that will be going on while introducing some characters in Heirs, a drama I will be reviewing. Let K-drama 101 officially commence!

For this first session, I will be introducing the Korean terminology that will come up over and over again throughout the show and my posts. Continue reading