Popcorn Politics: Madoka Magica


In Madoka Magica, there is a large disparity between the beginning and the rest of the anime; Madoka’s main struggle in the first few minutes of the episode was whether she should wear ribbons in her hair, fearing that they were “too flashy.” However, the anime quickly tumbles down a tumultuous, black-shrouded funnel of anguish. Madoka, the namesake of the anime, is introduced as an average middle school student, has a not-so-chance encounter with a magical cat-like creature named Kyubey, her everyday life is drastically altered in an unimaginable way.
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Popcorn Politics: Introduction


Hi, I’m Tiffany and my column will be focused on anime! At the first mention of “anime” or “manga,” some may back away from the sound of such a potentially alienating subject. However, these Japanese cartoons offer more than what is available to the eye at first glance. In anime, there are many connections to be drawn between fiction and reality. Anime is a force that can entertain and evoke.  Continue reading