G.I.F.T : The Third Installment – Unsouled (with recap on the second installment – Unwholly)

Yes, the thrilling series continues to unfold into a trilogy. Nothing to obsess over, of course. With this novel, comes a deeper insight into the hauntingly sinister plot of the series, the continued adventures of our favorite trio, accompanied by the tales of a few ragtag accomplices, fellow AWOLs, and additions to their never-ending list of hitmen. Continue reading

Ganderings Into Fictitious Thrillers (G.I.F.T.): My Salutations

I am not the average reader, who flips through the monotonous motions of reading a novel page by page. I am one who has habituated herself to reading novels, as one would read an arabic book. Regardless of the spoilers clouding my head, I am determined to re-read books (after skimpily skimming through them) while jumping to conclusions, piecing together the protagonists’ future with their past and present actions. I am not crazy. Continue reading