Rare Exports: Fresh Off The Boat!


I’m Tom and I love movies. Right now, I spend a good amount of my time at school making movies, but honestly, watching them is way more fun! There’s something incredible about how immersive movies can be, their ability to transport an audience to tell a story and transport an audience to new worlds.

There are just so many kinds of movies. Potentially endless amounts. You could like romance movies and I could like action movies and someone else could like movies that star talking animals, and all of those genres exist in endless supply.  Continue reading

Fashion Soup for the Sartorial Soul: So Subcultured (Normcore)


A new cycle of SMW is upon us, hence my triumphant return to the ever-changing blog that is FSftSS. And yes, I’m resorting to abbreviations this time around, because lets be real –– who has the time to type out my endearing mouthful of a column name? (Hint: not me)

With another cycle comes another miniseries within FSftSS. While summer was filled with artist profiles and “Hood Life,” fall is ladened with new beginnings in the form of “So Subcultured” –– where you’ll get the lowdown on fashion’s most underground, yet alluring, trends. Feel free to join me in my new blogging adventure, as I explore everything from the weirdly fabulous to the glamorously eccentric. So without further ado… Continue reading