Sunset Tutorials: Speedpaint


This post isn’t really a tutorial since you can’t really teach people how to speedpaint. However, here are my insights and tips for speedpainting.  If you’re not familiar with speedpainting, it’s the process of making a quick digital illustration that conveys the general concept, without finishing all the detail work. They usually take about an hour to do, though it varies from person to person. What I like most about speedpaints is that they reveal the raw state of a drawing before it gets polished up. Also, you don’t really need to have an idea to start off—it might begin as a weird shape that develops into an awesome creature. Another thing about speedpaints is you don’t need the painting to be perfect, and you don’t have to feel like, “I spent 10 hours on this picture and it still doesn’t look right.” You don’t need to worry about these things because everyone understands that a speedpainting is more of a demo, not a final product. Continue reading

Sunset Tutorials: Lips


For this tutorial we’re going to be drawing a pair of beautiful, plump, and full lips. Lips on a character can make them appear sexy, seductive, gentle, nervous, or caring. So many things can be read just by looking at the lips. In this tutorial, I will show you the steps I go through in order to draw lips using Photoshop. As usual, a tablet will be needed and—of course—Photoshop as well. Continue reading

Sunset Tutorials: Eyes


Hi! I’m Darren Huang and I will be doing tutorials for painting with Photoshop.

This tutorial will be on one of the most distinguishing features of a face that draws the viewer into a picture. The eyes are personal my favorite part of the face to paint since you can make each one so different, and you can tell the personality of a character by their eyes. Hopefully this tutorial can help you in painting eyes using Photoshop.
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